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Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo is an Open Source fanatic , Drupal and Node JS developer living in Monterrey, Mexico. I created Drupanium.

Luis Elizondo currently lives in Monterrey, Mexico. He's the creator of Drupanium, a project that helps you integrate Drupal with Titanium Studio to create iOS and Android applications.

Luis Elizondo describes himself as a tech junkie who loves Open Source and he's been contributing to the Drupal community for over 4 years now. He recently started coding and Node JS and he's loving it.

When he's not fixing something or writing code, he loves to read, watch TV or go out and have a beer or two with friends and talk about politics, football and technology.

Luis Elizondo's Background

Luis Elizondo's Experience

Drupal Developer at

January 2009 - Present

Drupal Developer for the last 4 years. Usually he posts his code at or at

I've created Drupanium at Drupaniumm

October 2011

Built with Drupal, Services and Titanium Studio, Drupanium is a distribution and an app with code and documented examples that will let you start working with Drupal and Titanium Studio right away so you can create your own iOS and Android app. Enjoy!

Luis Elizondo's Interests & Activities

Open Source, Technology, Drupal and Football

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